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Blackstone Pistol Casefeeder square

Increased Production  - in 2018, M-A Systems engineered and implemented a case feeder system, that allowed the customer to eliminated down time due to caliber plate changes.  Previously, the customer had to shut down for half of an 8 hour shift, just to change feeder plates for a different caliber run.

24 inch feeder front
Remington-Lonoke-Ammunition-Plant square


polymer case ammunition square

Mouth Down Feeding

Brass Shell Casings Image Square

High Speed

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Loading Applications

hornady_fpb_muzzleloading_bullets_50cal_686282 square

Specialty Projectiles

24" Case Feeders - designed for high capacity production

24 inch feeder front
24 inch feeder back
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Remington-Lonoke-Ammunition-Plant square
M-A Systems first large order came in the 1980s with Remington, where we installed a 50+ case feeders, many of which are still in operation today.