Accurate, High-Speed Parts Feeding

M-A Systems case feeders provide superior accuracy and performance. They use a durable ABS plastic bowl for quieter operation at a lower cost and utilize sorting plates that are changeable so you can switch caliber easily without having to invest in another feeder.

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Construction  - high quality parts, made in-house


Wide Variety of Models - from simple operation to more complex systems


Configurable - easily converted to support a wide variety of calibers


High Speed - large media capacity, automated jam reduction

Feeder Motors and Caliber Options

Table - Motor Configurations
Feeder Single Speed Variable Speed HD Variable Speed
14" Case
14" Bullet
16" Bullet
20" Bullet
24" Case
30" Case
Supported Calibers V9_edited-1

Feeder Motor - Overview

Single Speed Motor image for Overview Page_edited-3

Single Speed Motor - only motor option for 14" Feeders

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Variable Speed Gear Motor included with 16" Case Feeder

Variable Speed Motor with Heavy Duty Gear image for Overview Page

Heavy Duty Gear Motor and Drive System available as an option for the 16" Case Feeder

Pole Mount image for Feeder Overview Page_edited-3

Mounting System  - flexible pole mounting, adaptable to your existing layout (cropped image of pole mount)

Flange Mount image for Feeder Overview Page_edited-4

Fabricated Industrial Stand - available on our heavy duty systems

Exitst image for Feeder Overview Page

Exits  - large selection engineered to support a wide variety of caliber, lengths, and feed orientation


Conversions Parts for Feeder Overview Page_edited-3

Conversions - configurable design to support a wide variety of calibers.  Configuration change can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

Speed and Volume Image for Feeder Overview Page_edited-1

Speed and Volume - known for High Speed and Volume, each feeder is tuned for maximum performance, multiple sizes available to meet your volume needs.

Advanced Controls Image for Overview Page_edited-4

Advanced controls - a legacy of performance and reliability, including automatic jam clearing, counter, etc.

Feeder Plates and Components

CNC Plates for Feeder Overview Page_edited-1

CNC Machined Plates - supporting a wide variety of calibers with proprietary design such as double feed.

CNC Parts Image for Feeder Overview Page_edited-2

CNC Machined Parts - high quality from billet aluminum and made to last.

ABS Image for Feeder Overview Page_edited-2

ABS Bowl  - resilient and durable, featuring quieter operation.