24 inch Industrial Feeders

24 inch feeder front
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Industrial Bullet and Case Feeders

  • High Capacity
  • High Volume
  • Ideal for Manufacturers 
    • High Accuracy
    • Long Life
    • Caliber Conversions
    • Alternative Orientation Options
    • Low Maintenance
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Fabricated Industrial Stand - standard on our 24 ans 30 inch feeders.

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Heavy Duty Gear Motor and Drive System is standard on our 24 and 30 inch feeders.

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Conversions - configurable design to support a wide variety of calibers.  Configuration change can be accomplished in as little as 15 minutes.

Table - 24 Case Feeder
Assembly Caliber Configuration Plate # Platen # Exit # Feed Rate Get a Quote
MAS24HD-17982 9mm - 45 Pistol 24UV-17982 99-5005-24 88-1403 8000PPH
MAS24HD-13903 223 Rifle 24UV-13903 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 9000PPH
MAS24HD-13904 300 Hammer Rifle 24UV-13904 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 8500PPH
MAS24HD-13901 300BLK Rifle 24UV-13901 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 8500PPH
MAS24HD-18884 7mm REM Rifle 24UV-18884 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 8000PPH
MAS24HD-15731 6.5 Creedmor Rifle 24UV-15731 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 8000PPH
MAS24HD-15735 308 / 7.62x51 Rifle 24UV-15735 99-H3903-24 99-H5735 8000PPH
MAS24HD-15737 30-06 & 300 PRC Rifle 24UV-15737 99-H8885-24 99-H8885 7000PPH
MAS24HD-88885 300 WINMAG Rifle 24UV-88885 99-H8885-24 99-H8885 7000PPH
MAS24HD-88888 338 Lapua Rifle 24UV-88888 99-H8885-24 99-H8885 6600PPH
MAS24HD-88895 338 Norma Rifle 24UV-88895 99-H8885-24 99-H8885 6600PPH
MAS24HD-20715 458 Socom Rifle 24UV-20715 99-5005-24 88-1405 6500PPH
MAS24HD-24020 50 BMG Rifle 24UV-24020 99-24020 99-24020 4800PPH
Table - 24 Inch Rifle Bullet Feeder Calibers
300 Hammer
300 BLK
7mm REM
6.5 Creedmor
308 / 7.62x51
300 PRC
338 Lapua
338 Norma
458 Socom
50 BMG
Supported Calibers V9_edited-1

M-A Systems offers 30 inch feeders for proprietary applications, including large calibers.