Almost A Half-Century of Quality.

In 1977, M-A Systems became one of the first manufacturers to bring rotary collating systems to home-based users. From our small space in Lancaster, California, we gained a reputation for reliable case and bullet feeders, built on-site to exacting specifications. In addition to performance you could count on, our feeders featured a flexible design that allowed users to switch sorting plates, easily changing caliber without investing in another feeder.


With success came growth, and a 1,500-mile move to America’s heartland in Pryor, Oklahoma. Though we left California behind, we didn’t abandon our commitment to superior quality. And it paid off.


Just two years after our move to Oklahoma in 1984, we contracted with Remington® Arms Company to provide hundreds of case feeders to their Lonoke, Arkansas ammunition manufacturing facility. Those same M-A Systems feeders are still hard at work on the Remington production floor today. In the early 2000’s, we were asked to develop a heavier duty feeder for Hornady® and SIG Sauer®. Today, you can find our feeder systems on the Mark 7® Revolution.


Why do the industry’s biggest names rely on M-A Systems? The same reason you should: 40+ years of unbeatable accuracy and reliable performance built into every feeder/collator system.

1980s M-A
Founder David Ayres Original