14 inch Pistol Bullet Feeder

14 inch bullet feeder front

14" Pistol Bullet Feeder

14 inch bullet feeder side

14" Pistol Bullet Feeders can be adjusted for different bullet shapes.

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14" Pistol Bullet Feeder Includes Variable Speed Motor

Accurate, High-Speed Bullet Loading.


M-A Systems bullet feeders provide superior accuracy and performance. They use a durable ABS plastic bowl for quieter operation at a lower cost and utilize sorting plates that are changeable so you can switch caliber easily without having to invest in another feeder.


Due to unprecedented demand, we are not taking web orders for collators currently.  If you would like additional information regarding current lead time(s), please email us at support@m-asystems.com

Table - 14 inch pistol bullet feeder
Assembly Caliber Configuration Plate Platen Exit Feed Rate Get a Quote
MAS14B 9mm-45 Pistol 14C1-16030 140181 88-1402 Varies
380 Conversion 380 Small Pistol 14C1-14030 88-1410
Polymer Plate 9mm - 45 Pistol 14C1-P6030