14 inch Pistol Bullet Feeder

14 inch bullet feeder front

14" Pistol Bullet Feeder

14 inch bullet feeder side

14" Pistol Bullet Feeders can be adjusted for different bullet shapes.

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14" Pistol Bullet Feeder Includes Variable Speed Motor

Accurate, High-Speed Bullet Loading.


M-A Systems bullet feeders provide superior accuracy and performance. They use a durable ABS plastic bowl for quieter operation at a lower cost and utilize sorting plates that are changeable so you can switch caliber easily without having to invest in another feeder.

Table - 14 inch pistol bullet feeder
Assembly Caliber Configuration Plate Platen Exit Feed Rate Get a Quote
MAS14B 9mm-45 Pistol 14C1-16030 140181 88-1402 Varies
380 Conversion 380 Small Pistol 14C1-14030 88-1410
Polymer Plate 9mm - 45 Pistol 14C1-P6030